Thop TV app Download | Latest V45.3.0 APK MOD for Android

Thop TV App is a user- friendly and biggest famous Online TV platform.  Thop TV app publisher company in India. Thop TV is a Free version entertainment app. Surprisingly, there are more than 3000 channels on The Thop App (specially all Indian channels). You can get all kinds of video content on Thop App. 

Thop app is the largest popular Tv app in India and world-wide. There are many sports activities channels on Thop App Tv (in Hindi and English language).

What type of benefits are available on the Thop Tv app from others online Tv? How and why is the best Thop Tv?  Let’s see, find out this Answer.

Thop tv guide for download latest version

Thop Tv App has some special features that are not available on other online Tv apps. Firstly, this app is a user-friendly app. Thop Tv App size is 14. 52 MB. You can operate this app in a minimum operating system of 4.4 Android on your device. Otherwise, you cannot use the Thop Tv app. You want to play HD content so your mobile phone device must have 1 GB RAM. Thop Tv app Developer company is trifaaa. Thop Tv app has two versions.  One is the free version and the other is the premium version. 

Surprisingly, Thop Tv has more than 3000+ channels. There is 5000+ radio channels available on Thop Tv.  

Thop Tv has the main feature is you can see online Tv anytime, anywhere. This thop Tv app ‘s language is English.Google Play storeDownload Thoptv apk latest version APK MOD

Thoptv original apk download


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Smart Data server

Thop Tv App is the best online Tv App for Saving Data. According to your device performance, Thop Tv App is working. This App is good for Data saving Between others online Tv Apps. Data performance of the Thop Tv App is so Good. 

No Ads

Ads is a disgusting experience on Online.  We cannot get entertainment for unnecessary Ads. But There are no advertisements on Thop Tv App.  It is a good feature of the Thop Tv App. Surprisingly Thop Tv has more than 3000+ Tv channels and 5000+ radio channels. Yet there are no Ads of this Apps.

Thoptv apk download for android

To know well, Thop Tv app is not available on Play Store. But Play Store is the biggest popular App downloader app.  In yet You can download this app from Thop Tv’s official website or our site. 

How to process to download Thop Tv App, see Below thoptv latest version download

Step-1: You can download the Thop Tv app from our site or any other site. Our site link is…. 

Download now.

Step-2: if Don’t install this app, go to settings and turn on ‘unknown source’.

And wait some time to Install this app.

Step-3: After finishing install Thop Tv app. You can Login on this app to give some basic information. And enjoy the Thop Tv app. 

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How to Download Thop Tv Mod Apk

 There are free versions and prime versions   available on Thop Tv Apk.  The Mod version of Apk is one kind of unofficial apk. But it is not a chreak version.  It is unofficial. Using the chreak version, this is a cybercrime. 

What is the method of Download and install Thop Tv Mod Apk.

Step-1: Go to Thop Tv’s official website or check our website and download the Thop Tv Mod Apk.

Step-2: And After finishing download, Go to Download file and install now. 

Step-3: When complete installing, you have to login now. Give some info for Login. Wait sometime.  When successfully complete login. Then you can enjoy unlimited entertainment. 

How to Download thoptv for pc

Thop Tv apk is a popular Tv app for Android, PC, iOS, iPhone and MacBook. 

Some technical information about installing a PC and this type of device. 

Thop Tv is Operated on windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and XP- (32Bit & 64Bit). Its file types are Zip, portable and EXE. Thop Tv apk’s Size is 48 MB, 64 MB and 65 MB for PC. But its Android app size is 14.54 MB.

How to process of install thoptv app for PC

Step-1: Go to google and search ” Thop Tv App” or visit Thop Tv’s official website or our website to download Thop Tv App. 

Step-2: After finishing downloading Thop Tv App.  Go to download File and install Thop Tv App. 

Step-3: Go to enter the Thop Tv app when installing the app. And give some info to Login. And enjoy unlimited entertainment and sports.


There are a lot of Online Tv Apps available on play store and websites. However, we do not understand which app’s features are the best. Because all kinds of apps’ features are the same. But there are some differences

  • Thop Tv App’s good feature is simply Login on Any Device. In a word, Thop Tv App is also a user-friendly App.
  • Thop live app Cricket
  • Watch Thoptv live ipl 2021
  • Thop Tv App has a Free version.  So, we get entertainment without financial support. 
  • To search any movie or video content, then you will get a suggestion on search box is also user-friendly.
  • Thop Tv App has a support chat. This is a unique feature of Thop Tv App.   If you will face any problem.  So, you can live chat support.
  • Thop Tv app has facilities to save videos to see later.
  • HD streaming supported. 
  • It runs on the slowest internet connection. Thop Tv has the best performance for this facility.
  •  There are more than 3000+ Tv channels and 5000+ radio channels on this app. 
  • Latest update at 30 April 2021. 
  • Thop Tv App is a smart Tv. That is everywhere movable.  
  • Thop Tv latest update version is “Thop Tv Apk- v45.2.3”.
  • Thop Tv App also suitable for any Android Device (at least Android 4.4 version), iPhone, iPad, MacBook and this type of device.  

Anywhere Watch 

Thop Tv can be carried anywhere. If you see this app on desktop and Television. So, this is impossible to carry a television/ desktop alway. 

So, we can say that the Thop Tv App is the best for watching Tv anywhere, anytime.

Wrapping up

If You cannot buy the premium version of Thop Tv App.  So Thop Tv Prime Mod Apk is the best for you. But chreak version is an illegal method of using App. Thop Tv App has no limit. 


  • Is Thop Tv Mod App safe for Device? 

Answer: Yes, Thop Tv Mod App is Safe for Any Device. Because Thop Tv Mod App is a Modify App.  It’s not a crime. 

  • Is this Thop Tv Apps available on play store? 

Answer: No, Thop Tv App is not available on Google Play Store.  You can find this app on Thop Tv’s official website or our website.

  • Is there an iOS version available? 

Answer: Yes, Thop Tv App has Android version and iOS version. 

  • What type of version is available here on Thop Tv App? 

Answer: There are Free version, Prime Version and Mod version available on Thop Tv Apps.

  • What is the date of the last update on the Thop Tv App? 

Answer: Thop Tv app was Last Update on 30 April 2021.

  • Why is the best Thop Tv App? 

Answer: Thop Tv App best for HD streaming, Data saving, No Ads, and easy way to login.

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